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Choose from a range of Excel’s organic composting machines and organic waste converters to convert your organic waste into high-quality compost easily.

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Excel Industries' Compost Machines and Organic Waste Converters

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Our Clients

Over 3000+ successful composting machine installations across India and internationally, from multiple sectors

Excel OWC

Excel OWC Organic Waste Converter, Compost Machine

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Excel OWC

Excel Organic Waste Converter (OWC) is a pioneering organic waste composting machine which offers easy, fast, and efficient treatment to your segregated organic waste. Our patented system rapidly processes organic waste into rich compost. The composting machine is easy to install and requires minimal training for operation. Excel was the first to introduce an OWC in 2007.

Daily Waste Treatment Capacity

100 kg to 3000 kg per day

Excel BioTurn

Excel BioTurn is a rotary composter machine which enables easy aerobic composting of organic waste. The composter machine consists of an inbuilt shredder for particle size reduction and a cylindrical container for mixing and aeration of the waste material.

Daily Waste Treatment Capacity

Upto 2000 kg per day

Excel BioTurn

Excel BioTurn Rotary Composting Machine

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Excel ORCO min

ORCO min is an organic waste converter which helps you convert your segregated organic waste to good quality compost. It's is a smart, robust and efficient composting machine to treat your waste responsibly. The composter machine is a hassle-free, compact, affordable organic waste converter for your composting needs.

Daily Waste Treatment Capacity

25 kg to 75 kg

Excel ORCO min

Excel ORCO min Organic Waste Converter, Compost Machine

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Why Us?

We offer the best in class waste composter machines for your composting requirements.

Pan India
Service Support

We provide comprehensive service support to all our customers, irrespective of their locations, pan India

Market Leaders in Waste Management

With over 40 years of expertise in the field of waste management, Excel now is the leading solution provider for various waste treatment needs in the country

Trusted by Municipal Corporations and Large Enterprises

Thanks to our reach and after-sales support for our composting machines, Excel is a trusted name by various large enterprises and urban local bodies across the country

Patented Solution

Excel uses patented technology to efficiently treat organic waste into quality compost

1 Million Tons of Waste Composted

Cumulatively, Excel has facilitated the treatment of about 1 Million Tons of organic waste to date.

75 Years at the Forefront of Change

Excel, founded in 1941, has always been at the forefront of change in India, be it in the domain of agri-inputs, pharmaceuticals or waste management

Explore Excel's Solution Range for Organic Waste Management

Excel Industries offers a variety of organic compost machines, organic waste composter machines, organic waste converters, automatic organic waste converters, and decentralised waste management systems, which are used across a wide range of industries. Excel Industries aims to make organic waste management simple, executable and affordable for any bulk waste generator. So whether you are a large corporation, industrial kitchen, religious institution or housing society, Excel has solutions to fulfil all your composting and organic waste management needs.

Industries Served

Excel’s waste converter machines are an excellent choice for wet waste composting requirements for various industries


Places of

Hotels and


Factory Canteens

Corporate Offices
and Canteens

Commercial and
Shopping Complexes

Clubs and



Featured in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Treat Range Products

We provide a handful of utilitarian, 100% natural, eco-friendly products catering to your composting, gardening and cleaning needs.


Bioculum is a biological inoculant that speeds up natural composting and rapidly converts waste into a rich manure.

Bioculum, Biological Inoculant by Excel Industries


Herbocel is a 100% natural citrus fresh floor cleaner liquid. Herbocel can drive away insects while retaining its fragrance.

Herbocel, Citrus Fresh Floor Cleaner by Excel Industries


Richcel organic compost is made from the leftover goodness of kitchen waste.

Richcel, Organic Compost by Excel Industries


Sanitreat is a powerful odour control agent that can mask foul odours of putrefying matter.

Sanitreat, Odour Control Agent by Excel Industries


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Stages of Composting: An In-Depth Exploration of the Composting Cycle
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Answers to some common questions about our compost machines and waste converters

All biodegradable wet waste – leftover food, vegetable & fruit peels, egg shells, non-vegetarian food discards, garden waste, and processed food discards - can be composted.
Dry waste items like metal objects, plastic objects, coconut shells, big tree branches, rubber, cloth, medicines, chemical, glass objects, sanitary waste etc, should not be put in the machines.
OWC (Organic Waste Converter) is designed to eliminate odour and also to remove the problem of irritants such as flies and rats.
Yes. The compost can be used directly in gardens or plants. Since it is concentrated, it needs to be mixed with soil in the proportion of 5:1 (soil: compost) and then added to the plants.
No. All the organic waste gets composted, and there is no residue left.

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