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Excel Industries Limited is a 75-year-old company with over four decades of expertise in the field of waste management. Excel’s core business activity pertains to chemicals, including intermediaries and specialty chemicals. TATA Group was a stakeholder in the company for 33 years from 1964 to 1997. For the past 40 years, Excel Industries has taken pride in establishing itself as a committed entity working relentlessly in the field of Waste Management. Our passion for a greener India has kept us exploring ever since our inception, to bring to you a gamut of waste management solutions. Be it a large scale solid waste management plant or a simple household waste treatment product, we have it all!

Our Journey

A look at the progress of Excel Industries over the years

Excel Industries' Compost Machines and Organic Waste Converters

Our Clients

Excel has installed Organic Waste Converter (OWC) systems at more than 3,000 Bulk Waste Generators across India

BWG’s such as hotels, industrial canteens, hospitals have installed and are operating OWC systems

Capacities between 100 kg/day to 1,000 kg/day systems

Cooked and uncooked food waste along with horticulture waste can easily be composted

Compost can be used for in-house landscaping, kitchen garden, organic agriculture or afforestation

News and Media

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Decentralized Waste Management

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Plant Inauguration

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जिथला कचरा तिथे निसरा

Urban Sanitation

Urban Sanitation

Office Address

Excel Industries Ltd., 184-87, S.V. Road, Jogeshwari (West), Mumbai - 400 102, Maharashtra, India.

+91-8448448945 | owc@excelind.com

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