Bio-mining Projects

Excel Industries’ bio-mining solution focuses on landfill recovery and reclamation with an objective to curb the menace of legacy waste faced by multiple towns and cities across the country. Legacy waste can be defined as the age-old MSW dumped in landfill sites and bio-mining is the process of clearing out legacy waste by ensuring proper treatment and recovery of the material.

Why is Bio-mining important?

1. Pollution-free neighbourhoods - Years of unsanitary disposal of waste into existing landfill sites have rendered its surrounding uninhabitable. There are multiple downsides starting from stench, groundwater pollution and associated health adversities associated with legacy waste. Treating legacy waste can help reduce pollution in and around the multiple landfill sites in the country

2. Reduction of GHG Emission - GreenHouse Gases (GHG), a major contributor to global warming, are generated when wet waste undergoes putrefaction under anaerobic conditions in our landfills. Treating this accumulated waste can drastically reduce GHG Emission.

3. Circular Economy - Composting of wet waste, and the recovery of valuable material from dry waste can help put these materials back in the value chain ensuring minimal material & energy wastage.

Reusing Legacy Waste

1. Waste to Energy - Reject Waste extracted through bio-mining can be used to generate energy in the form of electricity or heat using RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).

2. Road Construction - Refuse Derived Construction Material (RDCM) can be reused in the construction of roads.

3. Composting - The organic fraction of the legacy waste can be composted and compost can be for various farming needs.

Social Impact

1. Cleaner Neighbourhoods - Clearance of accumulated waste from unsanitary landfills and an ongoing waste treatment service can benefit the surrounding neighbourhoods drastically in terms of elevating their living conditions.

2. Creation of Green Jobs - Bio-mining and WT sites will open up green job opportunities at local/community level.

3. Behavioural Change - A comprehensive treatment of wet waste and legacy waste will propagate a positive behavioural change within beneficial communities, making them conscious and responsible about the waste they generate.

Excel Bio-mining Plant, Ahmedabad

Excel’s first bio-mining plant was set up in Ahmedabad in 2019. The 900 TPD plant has been operational since January 2020 and will be working toward the landfill recovery and reclamation of Ahmedabad’s Pirana landfill.

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