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Excel Biogas Automatic Organic Waste Converter by Excel Industries

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What is Excel Biogas?

Excel Biogas is the mixture of gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, primarily consisting of methane and carbon dioxide. Excel Biogas can be produced from raw materials such as agricultural waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, green waste or food waste.

Excel Biogas Advantages

A very convenient way to treat biodegradable waste

Recovery of Gas (used as fuel/electricity) and organic fertilizer

Requires less daily time to maintain, however semi-skilled person is required

Low on Operational Costs, and thus Operationally profitable to payback the installation costs

Clean, hygienic and pollution free environment compared to aerobic composting/degradation

Compact size. Low electric and water consumption

Automated Organic Waste Converter machines

Excel Biogas Components

Insulated Digester Tank – combination of aerobic and anaerobic digestion.

Waste Crusher/ Pulveriser- to reduce the particle size of the waste.

Pumps - for material feeding and slurry recirculation.

Compressor - for aerobic digester.

Blower - for supplying gas to the kitchen.

Biogas Balloon- for gas storage

Gas Meter and Gas Burner - for cooking use and tracking

Electricity Generator - optional

Sand Filter Tank - for manure recovery.

Solar Heater - optional

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Excel Biogas Modular Plants

Automated Organic Waste Converter machines
Automated Organic Waste Converter machines

Excel Biogas Plant Specifications

Biogas Plant Size (kg/day) Area Required (sq. mt.) Raw Gas Generation (Cu. MT/day) Equivalent CNG/LPG (kg/day) Electricity Generation (KWH/day) Liquid Fertilizer (L/day) Solid Fertilizer (kg/day)
50 20 4 2 Not suggested 100 4
100 30 8 4 Not suggested 200 8
200 35 16 8 20 400 15
500 50 40 20 48 1000 80
1000 70 80 40 96 2000 80
2000 150 160 80 192 4000 160

Why choose Excel’s Biogas Waste Converter ?

We offer the best in class waste management solutions for your waste treatment requirements

Fully automated process

Easy Handling

Easy to operate by any unskilled labour

Highest standard of safety inbuilt

Pan India Service

Comprehensive after sales service

Industries Served

Excel Biogas is the fastest way to treat your waste, and has applications across various industries


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Hotels and


Municipal Corporations

Corporate Offices
and Canteens

Commercial and
Shopping Complexes

Clubs and

Excel Biogas Installations

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