End to End Composting with Excel’s BioTurn Rotary Composting Machine

A rotating drum composter which is also a fully automatic non-heating composter that enables easy aerobic composting of organic waste.

Excel BioTurn Rotary Composting Machine

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About Excel BioTurn

Excel BioTurn is a rotary composter which enables easy aerobic composting of organic waste. The Fully automatic non-heating composting machine consists of an inbuilt shredder for particle size reduction and a cylindrical container for mixing and aeration of the waste material.

Product Specifications

Treatment Capacity Upto 2000 kgs per day
Electric Supply 3 Phase
Power Consumption / Day 20 Units
Overall Dimensions 7.0 M x 3.0 M x 3.5 M Approx.
Volume of Vessel 18000 Litres

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Why choose Excel’s BioTurn Rotary Composting Machine ?

We offer the best in class waste management solutions for your composting requirements

Market Leaders in Waste Management

1-year Warranty

Patented Technology

Natural Composting Process

Cost Effective

Pan India Service Support

Comprehensive After Sales Support

Usable Organic Compost for Farms/Gardens

Industries Served

Our range of OWC systems is perfectly suited for the waste management needs of various industries






Answers to some common questions about our compost machines and waste converters

All biodegradable wet waste – leftover food, vegetable & fruit peels, egg shells, non-vegetarian food discards, garden waste, processed food discards – can be put in the compost machine for composting.
Dry waste items like metal objects, plastic objects, coconut shells, big tree branches, rubber, cloth, medicines, chemical, glass objects, sanitary waste etc. should not be put for composting in the composting machine.
Using Fully automatic non-heating composting machine waste can be converted to compost in just 10 days.
Yes. The compost from OWC can be used directly in your garden for your plants.

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