Citrus Fresh Floor Cleaner

Switch to a Herbocel for citrus-fresh floors without any chemicals

Herbocel, Citrus Fresh Floor Cleaner by Excel Industries

About Herbocel

Made from the extracts of natural herbs containing essential oils Herbocel drives away flies and mosquitoes while retaining its refreshing citrus fragrance for long durations. It is a herbal product prepared by blending and emulsifying Citronella, Germanium, D-Limonene & Pine Oil at specified percentages to create an formulation with unique fragrance.

Uses of Herbocel

A few situations where Herbocel can be utilised

Herbocel for Hospitals

Herbocel is an effective floor cleaner in hospitals and health care facilities.

Herbocel in Housekeeping

In housekeeping services of hotels, residential societies or corporate offices, Herbocel can be a great addition to your daily cleaning kit.

Herbocel in Waste Management

Herbocel can be used to impart a fresh fragrance while keeping the flies at bay, in facilities that deal in waste management.

Industries Served

Herbocel can find its best use in facilities which require regular floor cleaning to keep the flies away.

Hotels, Restaurants, Catering Facilities


Fish, Meat Markets


Religious Centres

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