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An advanced solution for managing 25-75 kg Organic Waste economically & effectively.

Excel ORCO min Organic Waste Converter, Compost Machine

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About ORCO min

Excel ORCO min is an organic waste composter machine which helps convert your segregated organic waste to good quality compost. ORCO min is intelligent, compact, efficient and aesthetically appealing. In addition, this compost machine has a robust, functional, and user-friendly design, making ORCO min your best option for composting.

ORCO min Model

A look at our range of ORCO min organic waste converter machines

Excel ORCO min Compost Machine , Organic Waste Converter

Daily Treatment Capacity: 25 - 75 kg

Total Connected Load in HP: 3 HP

Electrical Units: 2 units/day

Batch Duration: 2 mins

Space Required (including curing): 75 sq.ft.

How does ORCO min Compost Machine Work?

A hassle-free compact, efficient, affordable organic waste solution for your composting needs.

Excel ORCO min Organic Waste Converter

Feed segregated organic waste and additives* in ORCO min

Excel ORCO min Compost Machine

Close the lid and run ORCO min for about 2 minutes

Excel ORCO min Organic Waste Conversion Machine

The treatment converts your waste to raw compost

Excel ORCO min Organic Waste Compost Machine

Collect the discharge of raw compost in a crate

Excel ORCO min Organic Waste Converter Machine

Place the crate in your curing rack for 9 days

Excel ORCO min Organic Compost Machine

Use the compost for the plants in your garden

ORCO min Features

ORCO min is the best solution for small scale composting

Easy Handling with Advanced Design

Quick Processing

Odour Reduction


Minimal Labour

Low Maintenance

Industries Served

Excel ORCO min is an ideal option for composting the wet waste in places where the daily wet waste generation varies between 25kg to 75kg per day


Places of

Hotels and


Factory Canteens

Corporate Offices
and Canteens

Commercial and
Shopping Complexes

Clubs and

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Answers to some common questions about our compost machines and waste converters

All biodegradable wet waste – leftover food, vegetable & fruit peels, eggshells, non-vegetarian food discards, garden waste, processed food discards – can be put in the compost machine for composting.
Dry waste items like metal objects, plastic objects, coconut shells, big tree branches, rubber, cloth, medicines, chemical, glass objects, sanitary waste etc., should not be put for composting in the composting machine.
Using Excel ORCO min waste can be converted to compost in just 9 days.
Yes. The compost from ORCO min can be used directly in your garden for your plants.

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